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Established in 2019, Banda comitted to consistently providing high quality products and the best service to our customers from home businesses, restaurants, hotels, catering, to e-commerce and online marketplaces.

Currently banda has a lot of product with various types of fish, seafood, meat, and chicken, we also provide delivery services both in JABODETABEK, between cities and provinces.

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A wide variety of cuts, sizes, and packaging to suit your needs.

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We provide the best fish, meat, chicken, local and imported.


The best service that prioritizes customer satisfaction and convenience.


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Salmon & Trout

Salmon & Trout with sashimi grade quality. Available in various
sizes, cuts and packages for sushi, mentai, and other salmon preparations.

Salmon Brand Partner:

Trusted from SME to recognize brand

Fresh Commerce
Hotel & Restaurant

Our Partner Say

Service at Banda is very satisfying. Every time I order with a quota and various type of goods I need, Banda able to provide it. So far, there are 46 stores supplied by Banda and delivery always reliable. So every week I don't have to worry anymore if I want to stock items.
Purchase Manager
To keep our customers happy, we always look ingredients that is guaranteed quality and meets the standards we need. For example, just like the type, size, cut, and so on must also be appropriate. So at our place the quality control is very strict. And the products that banda provides are up to our standards. We are very satisfied with the facilities and the provision of products from Banda.I don't have to worry anymore if I want to stock items.
Purchasing Abuba
Taanku continues to strive to proved the best quality for each products. We work with Banda to always prioritize the best and fresh product quality everyday. There is no doubt, by getting help from the supply of high quality products as well as the best service, Banda took part in helping Taanku become one of the best Mentai Brand Leaders in Jakarta.
Owner Taanku
The products that Banda provides have many variations, from various seafood, chicken, meat and processed, everything is available. If we need a new product, we don't need to be confused because we just tell what product that we want, banda always ready to provide it. So if we want to supply various products, we can do it at once.
Head of B2B Sayurbox
We always serve a variety of menus to our loyal customers with high quality standards, that's why we choose Banda which is a supplier with the finest quality products. We are always very satisfied with the products that has been provided because they are very suitable for our needs. We can be more leverage in serving the best menu to our customers.
Purchasing D'Cost
We have been partners for a long time and Banda always reliable when we need urgent orders. The payment is also easy and flexible, that's how the service from the team is really good, whenever I contact them, they will immediately reply quickly. In addition, because we are supplied with the best products, our customers always growing everyday.
Owner Balista